Sunday, December 19, 2010

Resurfacing...on a cloud of yogurt


It has been so long since I've blogged that I almost forgot my log-in info.

Breakfast at Fraiche this morning...before the downpours. Lowfat SF Chronicle Special.

This is dedicated to my two loyal (and perhaps only--especially at this point--) readers, Lola and Danica.

Non-fat SF Chronicle Special.  See what a difference a bit of fat makes!

I think more than the taste of yogurt itself, I love how white and pure it looks.  The stuff is immaculate.    Friend/colleague and I ordered the San Francisco Chronicle Special. Beneath the dollops of white are warm steel-cut oats, with bits of fig, coconut, nuts, strawberries and blueberries.

Compare the lowfat yogurt photo (the first one) to the nonfat yogurt photo.  The former looks like ice cream; the second kinda watery.

I cannot eat nonfat yogurt without a generous coating of honey.  Even Straus' nonfat, which is the kind that Fraiche uses, is just too sour/bitter without massive honey coverage. But no matter, Fraiche has plenty of honey--several varieties, in fact, behind the counter. 

As I settle into winter-break mode I hope to post more regularly, but we shall see.  I have decided I cannot sustain the verbosity of my previous posts so I am considering converting to Twitterdom... oh, but then I never seem to have problem writing endlessly...oh, but that doesn't make for interesting posts...

Danica and Lola: hope you are having fun in your respective parts of the country.  :-)