Sunday, November 20, 2011

Find: "C" is for Cozy, Chocolate and Chuao

This is what winters are made for:
Venezuelan hot chocolate
I discovered "Winter" this weekend at the Whole Foods in Palo Alto.  But I first discovered Chuao brand at Coupa Café.  Their addicting hot chocolate is made from the same stuff.

Spicy Maya
Now, the difference between Winter and Spicy Maya are two supremely cozy ingredients:  nutmeg and ginger.

Follow the directions and you will get a cup spanking with flavor.  I actually prefer it milder so I double the amount of milk.  Oh does it "arouse your senses."  I took one sip and there appeared a grin on my face, a brick fireplace in my kitchen, and chestnuts crackling over it...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dangerous Find: Cloud-like Cheesecake

Airy and light with a mousse-like consistency, it is nothing at all like your typical-American, brick-like version. 
Sweet, whipped, creamy fluff topped with coarse graham cracker crumb topping.

So soft, it comes with fishing line for serving. 
An SF Chronicle food writer describes this cheesecake as a cloud.  
That's true.

The friend of mine, who tipped me off to this place described this cheesecake as deliciously satisfying dessert, even after having eaten so much that you are wheezing.

That's true too.

Right now, the cheesecakes are also available with a pumpkin topping. Zanze's, located in the residential neighborhood of Balboa Terrace, makes only cheesecakes.  These cakes make elegant gifts that will make people happy. 

More on Zanze's with prices and bios in a review from SF Weekly.

Zanze's Cheesecake 
2405 Ocean Avenue  
San Francisco,CA 94127-2606
(415) 334-2264