Sunday, July 17, 2011

Strawberries, Tomatoes and Pink Flowers (Nadeshiko)

We have had such unseasonably cool weather this week, including sprinkles on some parts of the Peninsula, that it's hard to believe it's mid-July...until you go to the farmers' market.
These strawberries smell good enough to wear, as perfume.  I think Lucero Farms, where I got them, should bottle them and call it eau de toilette. These berries were the size of cherry tomatoes but very sweet, and packed with flavor...and so fragrant (it bears repeating).   A size comparison:
Petite size.
Bigger is not always (and sometimes never is) better, of course.  Case in point: the diminutive winners of the women's World Cup, a/k/a nadeshiko.
The women's team has been compared to Barça, also small, but of course, extraordinary.