Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Office Drugs

This is the best hot chocolate mix I have ever had.

Unfortnately, it does not taste nearly as good when I use it to prepare it as does Coupa Café...I suppose it would help if I had a steamer.

Nonetheless, I'd be damned if there was anything better than Spicy Maya. I refer to it as my work drugs (not because I snort the contents), but because I bolt out of my office to get a steamed cup of this concoction at least three times a week from Coupa . After many months of this addiction, I have succumbed to getting myself a supply of the powder so I can get my fix on the weekends.

If anyone has a better tasting product for hot chocolate, that person shall be rewarded. I used to swear by Dagoba Authentic, but now I can't go back!

I discovered this blissful potion after my dear colleague and friend Danica, also a chocoholic, ordered the less spicy version, Abuela. I tried it, loved it, and eventually tried Spicy Maya, which I have been addicted to ever since. One sip and it's like the Calgon commercial. All cares melt away.

Hunks of chocolate amidst the fine powder!

Spicy Maya hot choc is semi-sweet, with a light spicy kick at the end that makes the back of your throat tingle. I used to think hot chocolate flavored with cayenne and chili spice was plain weird (ditto for bacon flavored chocolate), but given my penchant for anything chocolate, I had to try it. So I tried to make it on several occasions at home. But the stuff was too strong, and it tasted like pennies. But Chuoa is NOT like that! It is complex and layered without any metallic aftertaste.

The product is from Chuao Chocolatier, and is Venezuelan by way of Southern California.

The cocoa powder is avail online at $15 for a 12-ounce container. Also on sale at Coupa, where I got it for $18.50. It is not inexpensive. But think: You get what you pay for.

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