Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sacramento Farmers' Market

8th and W Streets
Sundays from 8AM-noon

This market, located right off the 50 Freeway is, in a phrase, plentiful but ugly. It features produce, baked goods, olive oil, meats, fish and flowers.

One of the prettier items at the farmers market.

There is a row of baked goods--breads and pastries (eg brownies, cinnamon buns, coffee cake...).

The market is situated beneath two freeway overpasses; no wonder it is an eye sore. The food and flowers help offset that some.

Asian pears

Live fish

Organic prunes

Muscat and Autumn Royal grapes

Tall, elegant, gladiolas

Tomatoes, tomatoes

My favorite colored tomatoes.

Squash varieties

Sweet potatoes the size of baseball bats.

Take it from my organic farmer friend from Menlo Park who chooses not to sell here even though his farm is actually closer to Sacramento. (Besides Menlo, he sells at the famous Ferry Building Farmers Market, and at Berkeley--my favorite locations.)

BUT: if you need veggies and would rather not go to Safeway, it will certainly deliver.

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