Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Journal

On this foggy morning, breakfast was a recipe from Chow that I made with beet-greens.

I like the idea of eating a vegetable or fruit in its entirely--seeds, skins, stems and all. In fact, I rarely do this, and throw beet-greens out half the time. But this dish, thanks to the egg and balsamic vinegar, is motivating. Of course, you can make this dish with different greens (Aida Mollenkamp's recipe had dandelion greens first in mind).

Note: beet-greens are very salty naturally so I'd advise you taste them first before adding salt. Forgetting this, I have wrecked dishes.

Ok. On to the next thing: apples.

My first errand was the Palo Alto farmers' market on Hamilton Ave, where I was excited to see Gravensteins! David Karp was raving about these on Good Food a few weeks ago. They are becoming rare, he was saying, and they are delicious. So I excitedly bought a bunch. Then I found out that they were NOT Gravensteins but Rubensteins. Gravensteins are already over this year.

The Rubensteins were a bit too subtle for me--lacking in flavor for my tastes. (I like Fuji and Red Delicious for eating.) But I loved the crunch of these apples. Even a denture-wearer may be able to bite into these without too much risk since the apples break off so easily with bite.

Off to Millennium tomorrow, where, if it is possible to take photos without ruining the atmosphere, I surely will!

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