Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where I Took the Japanese Food Demon

My cousin is here from Tokyo.  She is, by definition, a discriminating eater (what Tokyo-jin isn't?).   As part of an experiment, I will uncover the places where we chowed each day this week, rather than all together. (Why? I am struggling to find time to keep up with blogging.)

All edibles were consumed in San Francisco or Palo Alto.

First stop: The Ferry Building Farmers' market for essential coffee from Blue Bottle, arguably San Francisco's finest.

Cappucino for me.

As one of three regular readers of my blog, my cousin wanted to go to the Ferry Building having seen my posts on it.  Of course, I was delighted.  It was miraculously uncrowded there this Saturday. Probably because it felt colder than Chicago-in-January, and because this is the lowest point of travel season.   For us, this meant access. Lines, if there were any, were short, service was friendly, and roamability (the ability to roam without running into strollers or elbows) was a 10.  Even the Roti truck had just a few people in line! I have never seen it like that. Bonus: the sun, having penetrated all kinds of clumpy gray clouds, was beaming from above on a day I was expecting rain.

Drip coffee for her.  Caramelly.

Correction: Lines were short or non-existent everywhere but at Blue Bottle...alas BB was a necessary first-stop.

Next up: steamed buns.  

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