Monday, May 23, 2011

Cheese Sampling in Sonoma

The Girl & the Fig is a cute and convenient place to share and test out cheeses. This was their minimalist sampler, but they have all kinds of cow, sheep and goat cheeses from various regions, including France.
From left to right: Morbier (France), Joe Matos St. George (Santa Rosa), Tomme brulee (Aquitaine, France). That two of these chosen cheeses were from France rather than Napa Valley was a careless accident on my part.  
The restaurant has worn hardwood floors and convivial mustard colored paint on its wood-trimmed walls.  The iconic place has gone commercial (you can buy t-shirts, totebags and compotes, and nuts there) which is a turn-off for me, but I still think it has a desirable atmosphere.  Reasonable prices.  
A salad of greens dressed in vinaigrette, with toasted walnuts and slivers of  pears. 
On the eve of the Sonoma Jazz Festival.
We found parking right on the street here, right before noon on a Friday. However, watch your time because the parking police tracks the amount of time you are parked.  

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