Monday, May 23, 2011

St. Helena's Olive Oil Company

Products that say "I've been to Napa Valley!"
Extra virgin olive oil from 
Just north of Yountville on the St. Helena highway is the St. Helena Olive Oil Company.  I was told by a friendly young sales clerk that a) their products are sold no where else (except their two Napa stores) and that b) their olive oil is organic and sourced from local olives.  This was music to my ears. But if their olive oil is truly organic, it is not obvious from neither their website nor their signage in the store.
Salts (edible ones; bath salts also available)
I was willing to take this clerk's word for it. Especially since I made the trip out there, and I was impressed with the looks of the place, which is worth a visit if you like extra virgin olive oil, vinegars, honey, gourmet salts, and bath products (soaps, lotions, bath salts).  They also have items such as butternut squash pasta sauce, pesto, blended herbs, and examples of recipes combining vinegar and oil.  

Salt of the earth
They have quite a variety and all their products are hospitably laid out for easy and clean sampling.
Vinegar bar
At this writing a 375ml bottle of extra virgin lemon olive oil costs $24.

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