Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dynamo Donuts!

2760 24th St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 920-1978

My brother brought over Dynamo Donuts today. Dynamo Donuts, like so many of the trendiest eateries in the San Francisco area, touts "organic, sustainable, and local ingredients whenever possible."

Vanilla Bean
I tend to believe that doughnuts--no matter what they are made of---are poison, but at times like these, I say screw it.

$2.00-$3.50 each
Here is a review of these glistening, stylish, fried fat pills.

Each had that distinctive doughnut texture that comes from shortening (Dynamo apparently uses palm oil shortening): dense but light, and ever-so-slightly chewy. They also appeared and felt just-made (even though it had been at least 90 minutes since they arrived from the store). They were so delicate that it was impossible to lift one without indenting it with my fingers.  But of course, this made them even more appetizing.

Also, none were overly sweet.  Now that's quite different from most doughnuts out there.

Vanilla bean, pictured at the top of this post was quite vanilla:  mild and simple. 

Passion Fruit
Gently sweet and fruity, Passion Fruit was one of my favorites.  Certainly, with its chunky adornments, it was the showiest looking doughnut of the bunch.

Molasses Pear
Not bad, not bad at all.  I thought it was apple at first, but nope, it was pear.

Cornmeal Cherry
I couldn't taste the cornmeal in Cornmeal Cherry, but it had a nice cherry kick to it.

Maple Glazed Bacon Apple
The bacon doughnut was, I am ashamed to say, my favorite, or tied for favorite with Passion Fruit.  I never eat bacon...well...unless featured with chocolate or baked goods.  It was the sweet-n-salty combo of flavors that did me in.
Chocolate Rose
Cute doughnut. I didn't taste the rose water, but I did taste dark chocolate. 

I didn't taste the spice in this one but I registered slightly fudgey, semi-sweet, and brownie-like.

Lemon Thyme
My second favorite was Lemon Thyme.  Loved the combo of flavors. 

Dynamo serves coffee at its shop, and I imagine that the doughnuts would be totally dynamo with Dynamo coffee...  I wonder I would see police officers on breaks in there.

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