Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blue Bottle: Baked Treats that Speak for Themselves

Review of three baked treats from Blue Bottle in Oakland.

Holy Pumpernickel!

This coffee cake has the perfect ratio of cake to crumbs. Because the cake is only about a centimeter high, you don't have to have a mouth as wide as an alligator's to taste all the flavors at once.  This moist cake also has a sense of humor.  It's speckled with oats and nuts...and--surprise--pumpernickel seeds! I'd have never thought to combine pumpernickel with a sweet cake, but man my life is better having experienced this.

Talk about a wolf-in-sheep's-clothing.  Shy and diminutive looking--plain, even.  But it's flavored with a touch of rum, bits of almond, and dried fruit.  Truly an adult cake. I can imagine what a divine pairing it must make with coffee.

Now this cookie.

This cookie does not look very dark, but it has a distinct dark chocolate flavor. It is sweet but not too sweet.  It is cripsy on the outside and soft on the inside.  I don't taste any coffee in it, which is a good thing since it is to be enjoyed with coffee.  

Blue Bottle knows how to make rabid followers out of people. As if the coffee weren't enough to travel out also for the baked goods!

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