Sunday, March 27, 2011

Next up: Bake Sale for Japan

Here it comes...after all this rain:

                                                                  My favorite tree in the 'hood. 

These delicate-looking (I repeat delicate looking) flowers blossomed in just a few days amidst our downpours this week. Speaking of things Japanese...

Next weekend, in locations across the country: Samin's Bake Sale for Japan featuring a star-studded cast of eateries and collaborators! BiRite, Chez Pannise, Blue Bottle, A16, Four Barrel...oh my...

More reporting on this next weekend. Look for the logo and origami cranes in your neighborhood.

To see a 1:30 minute video that Japanophiles will enjoy click here.

To see an endearing interview that instantly converted me into a supporter of Samin's work, click here.

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