Sunday, March 20, 2011

Restaurant Notes: Café M

Café M
1799 4th St
Ste F
(between Virginia St & Hearst Ave)
Berkeley, CA 94710

     Poached eggs.  I finished these in just a few bites.  A little salty.  But not at all bad!

On the last day of my Tokyo-cousin's stay in the US, we went to Café M for brunch. It was a rainy Sunday but the uber-yuppy, Fourth Street shopping area was buzzing.  We had to put our name on a waitlist, but were able to be seated within 20 minutes, at around 1pm.  Bette's Oceanview Diner had a 90-minute wait when we'd checked in there. (I wanted to try their soufflé pancakes--darn.) 

I ordered poached eggs with lox and spinach; the cousin had an omlette. 

My mom had a crepe...I think. It looked a bit dry to me around the edges. But she liked it. (I compare my crepes to Coupa's elegant, elastic, buckwheat ones.)  
But the real story at Café M was the banana pancakes, which my cousin and I split. They may not have looked like anything special, but they were. Tender, moist and irresistible, even after my plate of eggs.  
Yum, yum, yum.  Especially on a rainy day.  Who am I kidding. These would be great any day, any time.

The service here was average.  But I don't expect service to be notable at a casual breakfast/lunch place like this.  

Café M has large windows on one side and was full until we left around 2pm.  It fit the bill.

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