Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Sun Also Rises

Well. So the previous plan of doing short Tweet-like blog entries did not work.  Meanwhile, a lot has happened since then.

A few top-headlines from our media this week:
  • Japan nuclear plant hit by fire and third blast
  • Fire caused dangerous radiation leak 
  • Japan stock market plunges 10.6%
  • Radiation hits harmful levels at Fukushima plant
  • Struggle to supply food, fuel, water and medicine
  • Nearly Half a Million Japanese in Shelters, as Tolls Rise and Foreigners Flee
  • Japan's dead, missing toll nears 20000

 Suisen - Northern California-grown daffodil variety from the land of the rising sun

Right about now, it's approaching 7:00 AM on Sunday, and the Japanese are waking up to a new day.  The country is still there. It has not liquified, as I was expecting the news to say, and there are quite a number of Japanese, neither microwaved nor drowned finding ways to get back to their lives.

Libya is now dominating the news.  

Here's to peace. The world over.

Scrumptious rum fruit cake from Blue Bottle, Oakland soon.  After a moment of silence.

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