Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bloody Good Citrus

I tried my first blood oranges last Saturday at Leonard's at the Menlo Park farmers' market. June,  a former-farmer who was polishing tangerines there, suggested these oranges when I asked her what was good that day.  I had my doubts...I have not had much curiosity about blood oranges, assuming they would be very tart.  But Leonard promptly offered me a sample, and I was just as quickly sold.

What I tasted was juicy, gentle sweetness...and...cinnamon.  

Very possibly my new favorite citrus.  They are round and sized like baseballs with orange exteriors that look like maybe they were scraped with red paint.  

These do not look at all friendly to peel, so I just cut them into slices. I think there was just one seed in each fruit I tried.  

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