Sunday, January 2, 2011

LA Trip Day 1 - Wed 12/29

Santa Barbara's Sojourner Cafe's ingredients' legend.  Legendary!

Arrived in Santa Barbara this afternoon, driving through episodes of blazing sunshine (my throat got a tan), drizzle, real rain, and gale force winds.  I put my car sun visor up and down about thirty times.  

I wanted to go to Sojourner for dinner since I had a very nice comfort-food lunch there some time ago.  Dinner was just so-so this evening.  I had their acorn squash special which was not savory enough for me, and felt too much like bird food: rice, nuts, a couple of pumpkin seeds...

I had the carob drink for dessert, and ordered black bean stew to-go since I was still hungry.  The black bean stew was better and heartier than the acorn squash.

But man, their menu with their ingredients' legend is awesome, and I'll visit them again.   

Now I am surveying the edible options in LA for tomorrow. LA is Big Time. Unlike Santa Barbara, LA is saturated and it's making me crazy. I will have to CHOOSE among M Cafe, Lucques, Real Food Daily, Mendocino Farms, Rustic Canyon, Fig, Angeli, Koo's Sweet Rice Pancake Ho-tteok Cart, Santouka Ramen, Melisse (actually they were booked), Sunnin, Daikokuya, and Square One, JUST TO NAME A FEW.


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