Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas at Home

Here is a photo essay of what happens when you mix Japanese and American cultures during a Christian holiday.  

Mama's dinner on 12/23 (that's a slab of sake marinated black cod in the left corner, a rich, buttery item I could eat every night).

A behind-the-scenes view of the assembling of dinner.  Japanese meals include so many little dishes.

Dumplings steaming.

Random photo.  Just a cat who loves my mother,  and seems to know when dinner is being served.

Christmas present from coffee-aficionado-brother - drip coffee equipment including a bean grinder for one serving. Yay!...except, I am too lazy for this method...

Kabocha.  Eventually gets soft around the edges and carmelizes...

Christmas Day - mom's roast turkey dinner.

Cookies from Japanese cousins. A masterful Japanese adaptation of Russian tea cakes/Mexican wedding cakes (I call them Butter Bombs).   These came in three varieties: Earl Gray flavor, sesame and one more that I can't recall. They look bland, but they are sophisticated and terribly addictive.  
On Christmas Eve, I made a kale casserole and "Simply Delicious Cabbage." The cabbage was a huge hit.  (The pictures are way more yellow than reality.)
"Simply Delicious Cabbage" really is.
On Christmas Day, I made a warm cornmeal custard which was also successful, but I didn't take a photo of it.  All were recipes from Food52, that disgustingly gorgeous website. 

More treats from Japanese friends.  This is mizu-yokan, a red bean dessert that is subtly sweet and has the consistency of a firm custard.  Delicious with green tea.


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