Sunday, January 9, 2011

MP Farmers' Market Bulletin - Did you say "spring?"

At last! Some sun this morning. Climate wimp here was starting to wilt. Haven't been to the Menlo Park farmers' market in a few weeks.   There, mingling behind their beautiful counter of kale, chard, beets and lettuces was the ever-friendly contingent from Coke farms.

Spring onions

I asked Pam, one of the farms delightful regulars, if they had scallions today and she pointed out "spring onions," which looked to me like scallions but thicker in girth. They also looked like they had on purple stockings. Like their name, they looked like spring.  Someone say spring?

Lavendar and lime green--the colors of spring in spring onions.

I needed scallions for a one-pot pilaf I am making, which I will be eating for four nights in a row since I am too lazy to make anything else.  Leave it to the sun and the farmers' market to lift my spirits this morning.  :-)

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