Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday Ferry Building & Farmers' Market

Not to be overshadowed by the Good Food Awards event, the legendary San Francisco Ferry Building farmers' market, looked gorgeous as usual.

It was also showing signs of spring, which was certainly in the air yesterday...though it had to have been just a tease since it is only mid-January.

Inside, at Far West Fungi,  mushrooms were having their usual fashion show.

Out in front of the building was neighboring Oakland's Scream Sorbet whose flavors change as do the selections at the farmers' markets.   Scream has recently been featuring such flavors as Almond Pink Peppercorn, Carrot Ginger, and Coconut Kale.

Sadly, I cannot remember the (French) name of this bakery. But I will get it on my next trip (soon).  Located  outside and in front of the Ferry Building.  Pretty pretty profiterole:

Look! It's Marmaduke! You know you're at the farmers' market when you see a dog as gorgeous as Angelina Jolie, or in this case, as big as a race horse.  Impressively poised, he attracted celebrity-level attention wherever he strut.

T'was a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

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