Thursday, August 5, 2010

Look! It's Cristiano Ronaldo!

Candlestick Park Wednesday, August 4, 2010 Club America v. Real Madrid (Friendly)

Yeah, that guy over the center! The one with the fluorescent orange boots!

Seriously folks. To get these pictures, I had to descend several flights of steps from my $100 nosebleed seat to a point where I was allowed no farther without a VIP ticket. Even then, I had to use my zoom lens to its max; and even then I could take only pictures like these, which almost look like I'd taken them from a plane departing from nearby San Francisco International.

Nevermind that the wind was whipping and I was wearing my down jacket and boots ... (yes, it was August 4th, but as I needed to remind myself: that's winter in San Francisco!).

There he is again! Another fine close-up.

Does it matter what the final score was? (3-2 Real) The guys weren't really playing. They were clearly saving up their multi-million dollar bods for the real season.

I wasn't expecting the Spanish dudes to be out there. Given that they won the World Cup, I had reluctantly accepted that I would not see Xabi Alonso, Iker, Ramos... but WHERE WERE YOU, Kaká?! Where the HECK were you??? I'd heard you were in LA and you didn't even play that much at the World Cup! Grrrrr. That was a let down.

Ok: since writing the above, I have learned that Kaká is out three-four months from knee surgery. He was in LA for training just the other day, and then went to Belgium for a surgery consultation. Wow. (Side note: Didn't UCLA have a good enough ortho? Or I would like to know why he didn't come to Stanford!)

Apologies, Kaká, and thank you Ronaldo for providing entertainment last night. We got to see your trademark (free) kick that landed a goal.

Invariably, some of the unknown players prancing on the field last night will be future heart-throbs, I am sure. Before long, I will be looking up their stats, getting the dirt on them...but last night they were anonymous to me. And that might have made the night seem a bit chillier.

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