Friday, August 20, 2010

Tips on Seeing The Daily Show

...because we didn't!

We did not get in, despite having tickets. But we didn't try hard enough.

Main tip is: If it is summertime, go especially early--like consider getting in line at 3pm or earlier.

Some days before the taping, we received an email from The Daily Show with the following instructions in it:

Important Information:
We recommend you get on line no later than 4:00pm. Tickets will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis. All shows are overbooked to ensure capacity and no one is guaranteed entry. You must bring your ticket letter/confirmation with you to the taping. It will serve as your proof of reservation and allow you to stand in our line.If you would like to cancel your tickets, please do so immediately.

We were there by 4pm. I refused to get there earlier given that it was sauna-like outside, and I had fewer than 24-hours left in the city. I could be doing other stuff, like eating chicken and rice from the Halal Cart!

At about 4:30PM, a Daily Show employee emerged and addressed a bunch of sweaty people in our section of the line. He told us he was sorry that we could not be offered seats but that we could check availability over at the Colbert Report, a few blocks down.

So off we went.

We put our names on the list. But about half an hour later, we were told that we would likely not get in.

The good news was: more time to wander around in SoHo!

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