Friday, August 20, 2010

Stone Park Café: Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

Shabby on the outside, adorable on the inside.

Back on July 26, I saw a picture of the inside of Stone Park Café in the Times and got sad. Why doesn't San Francisco have places like these? I whined.

Well, going there for dinner only exacerbated my feelings.

The service was good, the food was excellent and the place, in all it's bricky glory, is a bit more worn down than the pictures reveal, but nonetheless charming.

The restaurant emphasizes farm-to-table food, but I did not know this until later. Still, it figures. Click here to watch the restaurant's video.

Vicki provided four options for dinner, and when I asked her which among them was in the cutest 'hood, and had more meatless options, she said, probably this one. The other woman joining us at a prime corner table in the second dining room (invariably arranged by Vicki) was Pam, another girlhood friend. We weren't all members of the same posse, but hung out together on occasion. Pam was surely the most popular of us.

As I devoured my beet salad, I wondered if, unlike them, I had changed at all since I was 16...(I mean besides getting wrinkles, having had several jobs, etc.).

Besides my beets (with roasted nuts and tomatoes), I had ginger quinoa, a hunk of cedar plank salmon, and lemon tart with whipped cream for dessert. It was all delicious.

My three attempts at food pictures failed, and I did not want to offend my old friends by seeming more interested in the the food than in them.

If you are in Park Slope, go to this place.

In Short

Food: A- (beet salad had a bit too much vinaigrette; lemon tart good but not extraordinary)

Atmosphere: A (Casual but classy)

A- (Allowed us to linger even when the place was full)

A- (Clean, private rooms)

A Among the best I've experienced
B Very good
C So-so

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