Sunday, August 8, 2010

Reds, Yellows & Purples from Leonard's Farm

Menlo Park, CA
Farmers' Market

I used to think there was only one kind of plum--the dark purple (plum colored) kind, that looked something like this:

The only kind of plum I used to know...

But Leonard & Co., who make the long haul from Fresno every Sunday, grow some 35 varieties of plums! (Plum album is in the works. Stay tuned.)

Looks aside, they are sweet and succulent too.

Burgundy plum -the kind that tastes like a cherry

A plum variety the shape of a date.

Leonard's seasonal best sellers are Mariposa and Flavor King, but I have forgotten already which is which. There is another strong contender called Emerald Something-or-other, but I cannot read my writing. Will try to confirm next time.

This is the beauty-contest winner, in my opinion. It has symmetry, glow, and freckles. Please don't ask me what variety this is.

Red, Purple, Yellow: these are just a sliver of the offerings.

After the farmers' market, I came home, sliced up the fruit and chopped up some mint:

Then I added blueberries and more mint...

Then I grabbed some Greek style yogurt. (Ordinarily I find non-fat yogurt to be repulsive. But not Fage's, my favorite brand of non-fat; available at TJs.)

Then I topped the fruit with a dollop of the yogurt, and toasted walnuts. It looks like this, (but only for a second; then things get really messy).

This had got to be one of the most delicious things one can eat that is healthy. It's got protein, omega-3s, calcium, anti-oxidants...Oh, and it is also a feast for the eyes...

A bowl of this fruit and a cup of Blue Bottle coffee, and you're golden for the day.

Coke Farms and yet more Lucero tomatoes.

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