Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Summer Afternoon in Manhattan

Saturday, August 15, 2010

For lunch, Maura and I went to Cafe Zaiya (18 E. 41st) a Japanese deli. There are several locations in the city.

The tables were all taken so we took our lunches to-go, heading for Bryant Park, a couple of blocks down. It was an usually mild day in NYC, which has been suffering from triple-digit heat this summer. On these days, I would rather be in California. Really.

Movie-perfect carousel on the edge of Bryant Park.

Across the street from Bryant Square Park is Lily O'Brien's, which is a dangerous place to go. They feature gourmet "chocolates with personality," and chocolate drinks, iced or hot. Satisfied from lunch, and looking forward to even more pigging out later, I miraculously managed to stay away.

Featured here are their macaroons:

Next stop: Grand Central Station to Joe’s (the Art of Coffee). Joe's makes really good joe! Thank you, New York Times for your recommendations. All coffee is to-go at Grand Central's Joe's. Indeed, you will have a more pleasant journey where ever you may be headed with a cup of Joe's in hand.

Joe is on to something.

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