Friday, August 20, 2010

Mo' Mo' Milkbar

Gaga for Momofuku, we sampled some treats from its Midtown and East Village milkbars.

East Village Milkbar

"Corn Cookie"

Imagine corn bread in cookie form. That's the Momofuku Corn Cookie.

The East Village location, at 207 2nd Avenue, is a bit bigger than the one in Midtown at 15 W. 56th.

Inside the East Village Milkbar

Inside the Midtown Milkbar

Kimchi & Blue Cheese Croissant

The Kimchi & Blue Cheese Croissant has a salty sharpness to it, the way lox and cream cheese does. This puppy must have a half stick of butter in it--it is heavy as a brick and flaky. Divine.

Milk that tastes literally like cornflakes in milk. But made with high fructose corn syrup. What's up with that? My impression from dinner was that Momofuku takes exceptional care to get the finest ingredients. So this kind of thing puzzles me. Whatever. This stuff is terribly yummy. Also tried the "Cereal Milk" soft serve, which is like the milk in different form. So simple and so good. Okay, next...


The cornflake cookie had been off the menu but is back recently, by popular demand. Very sweet, soft and gooey.

"Compost Cookie"

My sweet-n-salty favorite, with "pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch and chocolate chips."

Ssam Bar is right next door at the East Village location.

"Momo" means peach in Japanese. This place certainly is a peach.

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