Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lucero Farms

Lucero Farms, from Lodi, has the most beautiful and diverse collection of tomatoes and squash I have ever seen. On this day, I counted 23 varieties of tomatoes with names like "Lemon Boy," "Cherkoee," "Tangerine," and at least 12 varieties of out-of-this world squash ("Starship," "Flying Saucer"). They have much more--that was just what was in stock today!

"Lemon" and "Tangerine" tomatoes

"Flying Saucer" squash

"Starship" squash

Zucchini (a kind of summer squash) with names like "Raven" and "Zepher."

Lucero Farms has other produce as well including cucumbers, again in intriguing varieties. Here is the kind you'll see at the supermarket, but without that thick layer of wax on it:

And here are "Lemon" cucumbers:

Lucero Farms has awesome signage.

Every year, I know spring has sprung when I see the appearance of the Lucero stand at the farmers' market. They start selling in March at nine farmers' markets in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Menlo Park, the San Francisco Ferry Building, and Berkeley. Bushels of strawberries are the farm's first feature. These gems are available through November. Yes, that's right, East-Coasters. November.

Seascape Strawberries

Okra is also in season right now though their season is not nearly as long. They are delicious pan-fried. Check out the purple ones.

Tomatoes galore. I have been eating a lot of caprese salads and sandwiches lately. Like every day. Somebody, please make me gazpacho. I'm too lazy to cook but I will provide you with 20 pounds of tomatoes and a bottle of extra virgin olive oil.

More on Lucero's Farm next Sunday. And COMING SOON: the gorgeous gems from Leonard's booth across the way.

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