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2299 S El Camino Real
San Mateo, CA 94403
(650) 345-4366

Reviewed 8/5/2007

I have yet to enjoy Indian food without tearing into it like it's the speed eating championships. But a visit to Annapoorna has taught me to exercise control lest I require emergency services after a meal to regain mobility.

In short, if you like dosa, and idly, GO. This simple, little place features delightful fillings in its dosa, and the idly is the best I've ever had, including in India--woah, could this be true?!

We ordered the special combo (idly, medhu vada (lentil doughnut) and spring dosa), aloo bonda (deep-fried mashed potato), and onion masala dosa.

The spring dosa (featuring shredded cabbage) was fantastic save for the chili peppers that I ended up digging out. The spiciness didn't kick in until it was too late (I mentioned speed-eating earlier) and before I knew it, I was experiencing mild but annoying hot flashes associated with extreme sports and spicy food. I had to order a lassi to refresh me.

I will order the spring dosa again--I'll just know better next time to have them hold the chilies. Note: I am a spice wimp (except when it comes to wasabi), so those who like it hot will not have a problem. The masala dosa filling, with bits of sauteed onions, had nuts and lentils inside. Spiced with ginger, it was pleasantly tingling.

The place is spartan, but not tacky. And I liked our friendly and efficient service. I can see myself becoming a "regular" there.

I am looking forward to my next meal there when I order the deep-fried banana in chickpea batter.

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