Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sprinkles Cupcakes

393 Stanford Shopping Center
Palo Alto, CA 94304
(650) 323-9300

Reviewed 7/9/2009

Hey, if I'm going to consume 1,500 calories in a couple of bites, I want to maximize my pleasure.

But Sprinkles is no longer doing that for me.

I'd give it three stars out of five because it's chic, service is friendly, and it has played a role in the cupcake proliferation around here but: there are way more satisfying ways to inhale that many calories and fat.

I was an enthusiast when it first opened, waiting in 40-minute lines with the Desperate Housewives crowd (OMG how desperate I was) but now that I have become fussy about my cupcakes, I find Sprinkles to be overly sweet and relatively flavorless.

Craving cupcakes, I tried Strawberry and Red Velvet the other day.

If I closed my eyes and tried these two, I would NOT have guessed what flavors they were. In fact, the cake of the Strawberry tasted more like banana to me, and the frosting was just densely whipped confectioner's sugar...and the Red Velvet frosting--not nearly cream cheesy enough for me.

Granted, I am picky because I am spoiled by the options out here. But relative to those, Sprinkles takes the cake! Next time I'm craving something sweet, and I'm close to the Stanford mall, I'll go to La Baguette or See's or even Nordie's cafe for a brownie. I think I'd be more satisfied.

Or, I'd head on over about a mile north to Kara's Cupcakes--still my favorite.

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