Monday, July 5, 2010


Saturdays at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market
1 Ferry Plaza
San Francisco, CA 94101

Reviewed 10/11/2009

On Saturdays, the Ferry Building and environs are a gastronomical paradise.

In addition to produce, you can find everything there, including fresh sardines, rose-scented salt, vegetable rennet cheese and live goats (seasonal).

Inside the building is some of the best coffee in the planet (Blue Bottle), and places to enjoy jook, French macaroons, bomboloni, caviar and Acme bread...

...and more produce:

My first stop at the Ferry Building on Saturdays is Primavera.

I have failed time and time again to try other stands, despite their stellar reviews, because my cravings for Primavera are so intense.

They have chilaquiles, tamales, and agua fresca to die for. I consider it all healthy, even the chilaquiles topped with sour cream. Primavera hails from Wine Country and makes their food with organic ingredients. In my view, those two features are enough to trump the health police.

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