Monday, July 12, 2010

Kappo Nami Nami

240 Castro St
Mountain View, CA 94041
(650) 964-6990

Reviewed 5/4/2008

This is not the Cheesecake Factory, ladies and gentlemen. Portions are small, Japanese-style. And prices are high.

Don't go here if you:
a) are on a budget
b) are starved (unless money is not an issue)
c) are neurotic about fatless meat (I usually am but am willing to let it go here)
d) are in a hurry

Do go here if you:
1) want authentic Japanese food, i.e., a non-Westernized menu
2) want to be served by unobtrusive, chill Japanese waitstaff who look like they could have come from the Tokyo fashion pages
3) want a tranquil but hip atmosphere
4) actually would enjoy studying and appreciating what you eat

The dishes are not just to be eaten but appealing to the eyes. Flavors are delicate. Meats are tender and succulent (the black cod is incredible).

If I feel like pigging out (which is the norm, but there are exceptions) I would not go here, but I would to impress someone interested in a real Japanese food experience.

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