Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yumi Yogurt

3955 S El Camino Real
San Mateo, CA 94403
(650) 341-0939

First Reviewed

Now serving NATURAL TART YOGURT flavor which they say is organic!! I can't verify that, but who cares---YAAAAAYY!!! Mondays, Weds, and Sats for the moment, we were told.

We got laughably ginormous servings, WITH topping, for $4.75. There was like a pint of yogurt in there--easily twice the amount I got at Fraiche, and I paid more than $5 there.

Fraiche is so Palo Alto, in both good and annoying ways: it has shaved chocolate and fruit toppings, is more elegant and is healthier; but prices are steep. Yumi is more ghetto, relatively speaking.

At night, the place looks like a pink shoebox with lights on it. It's very cute in a cartoony, Simpsons kind-of-way. And when you see the display of turquoise ice cream with multi-colored flecks in it, you know their priority is not on health but fun and maybe the 70's...but i be goin there over Fraiche for the most part now.

Thanks Yums!

Updated Review

i gotta give yums top billing.

i still think fraiche has the best flavor of all the froyo i've tried, AND i am an organic-anti-additive-snob, but i find yummy to be irresistible. it gives hysterically generous portions, and the look and feel of the lil' shack is unpretentious and retro. service is efficient and friendly too.

plus it seems to have gotten a holiday make-over and it looks adorable at night. reminds me of charlie brown's christmas tree after it's been decorated.

even on a near-freezing evening, the place was happy and cozy and standing-room-only.

yumi yogurt shack--that's where it's at!

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