Sunday, July 18, 2010


Sardine Salad Niçoise

1638 Post St
San Francisco, CA 94115
Neighborhood: Japantown
(415) 440-4959

Reviewed 11/18/2010

Winner: Most Intelligent Bathroom in San Francisco

Since I tend to eat at holes-in-the-wall, I don't know what the WCs at most higher-end places are like. But Bushi-Tei's WC has both brains and beauty, and wins in my book in SF. Some people may be freaked out, however, by the Japanese technology. (No, I did not opt for the butt-wash.)

But you're not reading this to use the bathroom there...onto the other stuff. This is a LUNCH review. (Eew! Food and bathroom in the same breath!)


Potato & leek soup - creamy, subtle and smooth: B

Potato Leek Soup

Sardine Niçoise salad - OMG FRESH sardines. Delicious. What would make it even better: touch less salt, and more interesting bread. B+

ABC sandwich: my darling, fussy companion--my mother--gave it a B+.

Service: Charming, attentive and efficient. Tall Euro dude who looks like he's from a 60s-band is mellow and sweet. He and the Japanese dude--the owner/manager?--made a great pair. The latter explained all the plates knowledgeably and with care.

We didn't have wine, but I would expect we could have gotten some good stuff there. One of the parties there had an assortment of bottles on the table along with a dump bucket.

Ambiance: Small, intimate, understated but swanky. Not too many parties there at around 1pm on a weekday, which was wonderful for us because it was quiet and we didn't have to fight for attention from the servers.

Relaxing piano jazz sounded like it could be playing live downstairs.

There was a small off-putting stain on the otherwise pristine table cloth. It was only dime-sized and looked like soy sauce or coffee that didn't wash out...but I noticed as soon as we sat down.

I could imagine the balcony being a cozy/hip place to share dinner with a date.

Date or no date, I look forward to coming back and trying fusion.

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