Friday, July 16, 2010

M Café de Chaya

9343 Culver Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 838-4300

Reviewed 6/27/2009
To be able to go out and eat so pleasurably, without guilt...that's M cafe for me.

I love Japanese food, AND I love organic, healthy edibles, and this place combines both. I am willing to pay for the combination, even if it's more than I would pay elsewhere that wasn't healthy or Japanese.

We ordered:
-Black cod
-Blueberry pancakes- bursting with blueberries
-Cranberry walnut french toast
-Kale salad - who knew kale was so frickin' tasty?!

The place is open and airy and communal with French accents.

Note to Culver City Residents:

I am SO jealous of where you live. Having easy access to San Francisco and Berkeley, I thought I had it all. (Well, with the exception of NY and Tokyo, I thought I was reasonably close.)

I am not so sure anymore!

I dunno. Maybe it's because I'm in vacation mode. But man, I was thinking about how spoiled you are with Father's Office, Ford's Filling Station, Tokyo 7-7, AND all kinds of other eats ALL WITHIN BLOCKS OF EACH OTHER that will just make me green with envy to list.

I know I will be thinking about you when I return home.

With searing envy--

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