Wednesday, July 14, 2010


546 University Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94301
(650) 325-8500

Reviewed 6/11/2009

We're in a recession? Yeah, riiiiiiiight.

At Tamarine, diners seem to be oblivious.

This swanky place is great for special occasions or business functions. Everyone looks good. Me, I showed up in jeans and felt very self-conscious telling the hostess that I had a reservation there. But I ate like all the beautiful people around me.

Our server, Kami (something like that) was exceptional. Gracious, friendly, knowledgeable, and right on the mark with her recommendations. Though the food is good, it doesn't quite get the same marks.

The run-down:

Tartare-- good, but not excellent. (It didn't strike me as having jumped right out of the ocean.)

Black bean seared tofu (looks like filo dough, but made with tofu skins) - a bit salty, but excellent with lots of rice.

Banana fritter type dessert - good, but again not excellent

Riesling - excellent

Since I'm mostly-vegetarian, I did not touch the quail appetizer or lamb chops, but my dinner companion seemed to enjoy it.

Sum: fine dining in Palo Alto...nice you don't have to go the city for it.

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