Wednesday, July 14, 2010


7450 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 930-9744

Reviewed 11/9/2008

In a phrase BLD is classy comfort food.

I love the menu here. It's both simple and quirky. American basics, such as burgers, grilled salmon and chocolate cake are offered alongside California-style dishes such as hemp seed crusted tofu and warm kabocha salad, a special offered the night I was there.

I am often disappointed when I order such things from Joe Schmoe restaurant. Veggie burgers are like glorified Boca burgers or the food is swimming in grease...or the bread is some supermarket brand. But BLD serves up its offerings as if they were its specialities; their food is hearty and satisfying and made as if someone in the kitchen cares about its quality. I am extrapolating from one visit, of course. ;-)

At our table were the veggie burger, beef burger, Philly Style rib eye sandwich and the herb-crusted tofu. I did not sample my companions' choices, but everyone seemed at least satisfied. I enjoyed my tofu and almost licked my plate clean. The sandwiches were huge and photogenic.

BLD would not be my suggestion for an early-in-the-relationship date, or power meal. But it's a great and certainly classy option for reliable comfort food.

If I can survive LA traffic, I will make an effort to come back for the "B" in BLD. I want to try these ricotta pancakes I╒ve heard so much about on Yelp!

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