Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mo' Mocha

The Egoless Boss took me to Coupa for breakfast and we both ordered the Spicy Maya Mocha. She ordinarily reserves her enthusiasm for things she is certain about (eg hard, quantitative data and chocolate truffles), but raves about this drink. Had to try it.

Well, the mocha was surreal. I think it even trumps Spicy Maya hot chocolate, an idea that would have seemed inconceivable just two days ago when I bolted out the door to get my can of $18.50 Spicy Maya chocolate mix.

The mocha gives your throat a hit of tingle at the end, just like the hot chocolate does, but it has added complexity to it, which I would call caramel. WOAH.

Oh man...

To be enjoyed alternately sipping and sighing, with a serene smile on your lips.

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