Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup Final: Oranj or La Roja?

Farmers' Market Report

It's Netherlands vs. Spain in the final today. May the best team win. I will probably be rooting for both, with slight bias towards Spain. But they are winning all the big sports events (tennis, Euro-football, motorbikes, potentially Tour de France etc.) lately and I usually cheer for the underdogs. But the Dutch could hardly be called underdogs.

Whichever team plays the more beautiful, soulful football should win.

I almost bought strawberries today, even though I am not a strawberry person, because I wanted to mix them in with the orange cherry tomatoes. Yes, this is football fever at its finest. Happily there were these gorgeous chocolate cherry tomatoes which were slightly purple and red.

At least I caught myself from aligning them in formation. ;-)

These are my favorite plums. Variety: Burgundy.

These plums, which are to be eaten firm, taste like cherries and are the size apricots. Their flesh, when sweet, is red. Organic; $2.50 a pound.

Ravenna is having a small gathering of friends at her house to watch the World Cup final. Am heading over shortly.

Reactions to the game in a few hours...

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