Saturday, July 10, 2010


1149 El Camino Real
Menlo Park, CA 94025
(650) 322-4343

Reviewed 7/12/2008

Think: creamy and thick... I think I may have found my Middle Eastern restaurant--in Silicon Valley anyway. Definitely on the Peninsula.

All the offerings on my veggie combo plate, except of course for the tabbouleh and dolma, were thick and creamy...and delightful. They could call their plate Turkish Delights but of course that might cause confusion. But each offering on that plate was a treat, like the candy.

I can't give it top billing yet since I just got take-out. But I'll gladly give it another star if I continue to enjoy my experiences there, as I did eating out of my Styrofoam container.

So on this day, a mediocre hummus would have satisfied me given the intense craving I was having. Instead I had possibly the best hummus and babaganoush I have tasted short of the kind my Lebanese-raised friend, G, makes. Dolma too. And throw in the tabbouleh.

I can't tell you how often I will order this combo elsewhere and it is too lemony, or salty, and I need a fire hydrant to cool my throat. But I'll order it anyway because I am too lazy to make it myself and I am howling for this stuff. But it looks like I no longer have to settle!

It was my first time trying ezme, which is described as "blended fresh tomatoes, onion walnut, and spices." I would call it a creamy spread the color of roasted pepper soup. It's slightly sweet and a little tangy. And then after you decide you like it, it kicks you in the back of the throat. Ditto for kizartma, which reminded me of ratatouille topped with yogurt. LOVED it.

This place is potentially habit-forming. I feel an addiction coming on.

I want to try the lavash wraps and the lentil soup that I have heard much about.

Will Sultana become the Sultan of my Middle Eastern restaurant options? To be continued, because I will be coming back here.

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