Friday, July 16, 2010


502 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 917-6671

Reviewed 6/27/2009

Uh...wasn't quite the ambiance I expected from the photos I've seen. I was thinking more Frenchy with hardwood floors and paneling based on reviews I read. Weird. Instead it's lined with inexpensive red carpet (at least the upstairs is), and has unremarkable chandeliers; definitely not five-star deco...and it's American.

But if you can get past the chintzy deco (well, actually it's not so bad), you're in for good Californian fare.

The BEET SALAD appetizer was a showstopper.

It looks like a dessert---imagine a dense, chunky cranberry colored gelatin with a layer of cream cheese topping. But it's actually minced beets with dried cherries topped with a layer of goat cheese. Try it as a spread on the fresh sliced bread. It is amazing.

A woman stranger, being escorted to her table, demanded to know what it was and announced "We're getting that!"

Also ordered:
Ravioli with rock shrimp special
Tomato tart
Ahi tuna appetizer - the onions were too salty, but easily removed

Everyone's taste buds were happy.

The place is also a hop/skip/jump from the Third Street Promenade making it a nice escape from the crowds.

Too bad we were too full to try the desserts. I am sure we were missing out!

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